Dirty Birds, The

Sam Ratcliff vocals, rhythm guitar
Lillee Godson-Baily guitar, vocals
Destinie Norenberg organ
Dorit Heyes-Norment bass, vocals
Leah Golin drums

Sam is the woman who's going out with Jacky Shannon of the Dust Bunnies, and who has an affair with Fraser Carlyon of Scrooch, causing a rift between the two bands in the crucial months leading up to Imprimatur. Destined to play a bigger role in Requiem For Stage Diver & Bass Guitar, their songs include
‘Mother Has Died Of The Plague’ (in Songshifting) and ‘The Children of Decorous Cohabitation’, ‘The Piebald Shark’ and 'Doublehead' in Requiem.

Damager: Kayt Lamar
Tour manager: Chas Spence
Dangerous Mixture promoter: Reid Silver, Reid Silver Enterprises
Backstage security: Heavy Duty