Cuithbrig Linley vocals
Dortha Sayre guitar
Blyth Richards bass
Lintun Bumpus horns, flute
Kendryk Bermingham drums

Managed by Dust Bunnies damager Peter McGee, of PMG Entertainment until the bust-up with Joe Friday Records.

Chapter 28
If only that had been an end to it. Somehow – I’ve never really figured out how – Grant managed to finagle Scrooch out of their contract with Joe Friday. Other journos hinted at winks changing hands, of Grant having to pay in kind. Around this time, another act in Grant’s stable, Teetotum, changed damagers and signed to Joe Friday Records. Vindictive gossip ensued but as usual it didn’t last long before being drowned out by the next scandal.

In Requiem for Stage Diver & Bass Guitar:

4: "There was news about ‘secret’ gigs (Teetotum at the 100 Volts), band break-ups (horn player Lintun Bumpus had left Teetotum to join Raoul and the Kermadecs, who had subsequently split into two camps),"