Also known as “the Phenomena“, or stagecraft, shtick is muso jargon  . Many of the bands appear to have supernatural abilities or gimmicks. During their performances they disappear from the stage and reappear in the auditorium; fill the venue with thousands of butterflies; induce physical reactions such as bleeding among concert audiences. Coyote Trickster, for example, levitate from the stage during their shows. Agents of Entropy cause fits and vomiting.

“I saw you at the Music Machine and next day I went crazy.” From Kris Needs' 'Doll By Doll: Night Of The Psychotic Woodsmen'

In Chapter 18, during their song 'Blistered', The Dust Bunnies use flames but no one knows where the real flames end and the special effects begin.

The industry special effects experts bands consult for their 'magick'. One such luminary is interviewed by Scrooch and their damager Alan Grant: Sal Canetti.