Tony 'Toc' Shelley vocals, guitar
Fraser Carlyon
bass, harmonies
Alex Palmer keyboards, harmonies
Rick Lambert drums, harmonies

HEADGEAR: Crushed stovepipes (compressed, as though they've been trodden on).
MANAGER: Alan Grant
TECH: (Toc and Fraser): Antioch Stahr (based on The Edge's tech, Dallas Shoo)

Clubs: “Join The Dots” (according to Chas Lomax in The Grid Encyclopaedia of New Music “sold out in most cities, with queues at the door in the capital”)

Follow-up tour “Dinner and a show” (theatres) seen by 330,000
The next “The Gonna Bees” (arenas) seen by 700,000 and it spent five weeks in The Grid Encyclopaedia of New Music Top 10 Tour chart.

The band also appeared on the bill of the international, touring Starfish Festival in Oceania.

Followed by “Remembering Hafenstraße”

The Emerald Horse ('Salutations of A Dark Morning')

Song featuring 'reed-head' Evan Supra: 'The Original of Laura'.

Fraser Carlyon, bass player in Scrooch. He’s a music purist, archivist and collector. He has a supernatural experience in Egypt in the first chapter (based on the Guardian Weekly 06/11/09 story ‘Sounds that appease the spirits’), called ‘The Red Djinn’. A ‘One Giant Leap’ type muso, out recording in the field, decides to secretly record ‘The Red Djinn’ song and everything starts going wrong for him. The musician pursues Carlyon and tries to take back the recording.

Ant Carstairs, managing director of Scrooch’ management company Primo Beans.