Two-Tail Whale

10: "The Hollows was an old Weca venue, a converted music hall and cabaret, where long ago I’d watched the Agents of Entropy’s punters become the impresario’s Sentimental Hygiene lab rats. Tonight was just another night – showcases for a couple of new acts, Two-Tail Whale and Freak Parking Accident – and I was actually looking forward to a quiet evening out on the town, catching up with my favourite cocktail waiter, gossiping with The Hollows’ staff and being seen to be seen."

"I was propping up my head with a hand on the end of the bar – there was nothing doing tonight; Two-Tail Whale’s showcase had been marred by technology problems and a stage-struck keyboardist and Freak Parking Accident wouldn’t be on for another couple of hours, at least – when my eye was caught by a familiar blue-spiked hairdo in the brighter light near the entrance. It was the emaciated wrongwaver I’d seen with the hound’s-tooth jacket woman at Everything That Ever Was, the night Sam Ratcliff died."

51: I didn’t get a call back until the morning when an artificially bright man’s voice said into my earpiece, “This is Ollie, how can I help you?”
    “Do you remember we met at The Hollows, a Two-Tail Whale and Freak Parking Accident showcase?”
    “Of course.”