Thin Ghosts, The

48: "The Thin Ghosts weren’t listed in the Grid Encyclopaedia, the cuttings agencies returned null found and not even Dave King had heard of them, that’s how obscure they were."

“Do you know anything about a band called the Thin Ghosts?” I asked him as soon as he’d silenced the dogs.
    “Oh aye. Terrible shame what happened there. Tragic. Had real talent, that boy Jennings.”
    “Was Brinton Jennings their songwriter?” “Front man and composer, yes. And a sad loss to the business he was.”

The Thin Ghosts were the first new, undiscovered band lined up to appear on the Affable DJ Hologram Show. Quite who had discovered them, where and how was unknown, at least to Legg.

It turned out to be a glorious day and everything was going exactly according to plan until the Thin Ghosts’ third number, when bassist Walcot Greve – never one to miss an opportunity for an act of rebellion – let his exuberance get the better of him and took a heroic stage-dive into the punters along with his bass.

49: One more surprising link between the Thin Ghosts and the Dirty Birds I managed to glean from Nathan Legg was that the Ghosts’ drummer Art Perko had, long ago, dated Dorit Heyes-Norment, the Dirty Birds’ bassist. Rhythm sections stuck together, it seems, even if they were the rhythm sections of different bands.

50: “And in your experience can you recall anything similar? I mean, it isn’t possible she and Jennings contracted something from their audiences, is it?” I asked her, having related the Thin Ghosts’ tale.