The Hollows (club)

Loosely based on the Hippodrome on Charing Cross Road, in Requiem For Stage Diver & Bass Guitar, the Hollows is given as being on Castile Road and having a hydraulic stage that rises from its basement and a VIP bar. It's also mentioned in Songshifting, Chapter 20, as being the location of a life-changing Agents of Entropy gig attended by Rarity Dean:

"I’ll never forget the first time I saw the new music. It was a modest gig by today’s standards, a club date at The Hollows, but even so, some of the seats at the back were empty. No one I knew in the industry had seen the support act before but it seemed a buzz had already built up about them among the punters."

10: "The Hollows was an old Weca venue, a converted music hall and cabaret, where long ago I’d watched the Agents of Entropy’s punters become the impresario’s Sentimental Hygiene lab rats. Tonight was just another night – showcases for a couple of new acts, Two-Tail Whale and Freak Parking Accident – and I was actually looking forward to a quiet evening out on the town, catching up with my favourite cocktail waiter, gossiping with The Hollows’ staff and being seen to be seen."

"Deep within The Hollows, on the ground floor, down a passage you only ended up in if you were trying to avoid the amplified music from the main room, was what was wryly known as the VIP bar. You didn’t actually need to be vaguely important to be in there – there wasn’t even a heavy on the door most nights – just be well-behaved and ready to move out if someone really important happened to show up. I hung out in there all the time."

55: "Outside the club a heavy checked my bag and ticked my name off the guest list while another patted me down, more for show than anything, before I was allowed to cross the shining threshold. The Hollows smelt of excitement; expensive perfumes mingled with cocktail liqueurs and clove smoke. Lactic Parabola were supporting the Little Sea Hobos tonight, so claggy fans of both bands were out in force – all tight rubber-wear, greased back hair and artificially slicked skin; the lot of them as limp as a bunch of month-old celery left in a glass on the kitchen bench and about as enticing."

"To either side of the rising mechanism of The Hollows’ hydraulic stage was a door leading backstage; or rather, since the stage descended into the old theatre’s cellars, under-stage."