Snap Crotch

25: "On the pavement outside Everything That Ever Was before the Snap Crotch gig most of the people passing were heading towards Noodletown."

"I’d plucked up enough courage to risk visiting Everything That Ever Was again on the off-chance that I might just see one of the punters who’d been in the crowd the night Sam was killed – Snap Crotch had a woman drummer and rhythm guitarist, so they might attract a similar crowd."

"Snap Crotch struck me as the kind of act that gives women musos a bad name. Not that there was anything wrong with the drummer and guitarist’s playing exactly, but the band’s material barely gave the rhythm section a workout. Had I been reviewing the gig for the Grid or one of the other papers I’d have written it in my head before they finished their set, which was pretty much what I ended up doing even though I didn’t have a market for it. I’d heard it all before.
    If the rest of the punters had, however, they weren’t letting on. They gave Snap Crotch three encores."