Ridiculous Furry Meteorite

28: “There’s a new band, Ridiculous Furry Meteorite. They haven’t generated much of a buzz in the press yet but I can virtually guarantee they will. They’re young, full of energy, won’t take any nonsense, and they’re fearless.”
    “Everything hangs on it being a live appearance, no broadcast delay. You understand that?”
    “Yes, but you’re only going to have a minute or so before it’s digitally recalibrated and the full seven-second delay kicks in again.”
    “You mean, Ridiculous Furry Meteorite are only going to have a minute.”
    Jake cracked a smile. “I misspoke.”

30: Visible only as silhouettes on the sound stage behind the Hologram were Ridiculous Furry Meteorite, poised for what was scheduled to be the first of two songs – one to open the show and a second to close it – and the Affable DJ gave them his best low-key, understated introduction.
    “Evening, punters,” he said in his flat, northern tones, hovering imperceptibly just above the sagging cushions of the studio sofa. “Every so often a band comes along that makes even a cynical old so-and-so like yours truly sit up and take notice. The latest of those bands to tickle my fancy, as it were, is the excellently named Ridiculous Furry Meteorite. Their club dates recently, on their Stevedores With Hooks tour, went down a storm around the country, leading folk to ask questions like, ‘Is it really possible to get a sound like that out of an accordion?’ and ‘Is this the kind of music my grandmother warned me about?’ The answer to both those questions is a resounding yes. So, without further ado, here’s Ridiculous Furry Meteorite with what I understand is a new tune, called ‘Revenge Is Ours’. Crikey – best send the old folk to the kitchen to finish washing up, kids.”

From the darkness: “There are plenty of gigs for kids who play original new music. You could be the next Ridiculous Furry Meteorite. Only, get yourselves a girl singer to differentiate yourselves.”