Pink See-Through Fantasia (PS-TF)

25: "At the time this was going on the music press was on fire with stories about Pink See-Through Fantasia. This happened periodically, of course; the flavour of the month changed and sometimes the flavour of the month only lasted a week before a newer, more unusual flavour came along. Everyone was talking about PS-TF for a while, and whether it was because of their shtick or their music I felt I owed it to myself to check them out."

"As always, there was more to it than that. Pink See-Through Fantasia had made the news for two reasons: their image and their sound. They wore elaborate feathered costumes; leather armbands and headdresses with brightly coloured feathers attached; lots of stark black and white makeup; and lace-up boots with nosebleed-inducing platform heels and soles."

"PS-TF were different: their frontman could fly. Or so rumour had it."

"But over the course of a couple of weeks I bumped into several industry types – journos, hairies and the like – who’d actually seen PS-TF’s act and who seemed genuinely taken in by it – the singer, Luke Barth, really did fly; and what’s more he did it convincingly."

"Pink See-Through Fantasia were almost an hour into what had been promoted as an extended set with no support act when something very odd happened. Following the middle-eight of ‘Pair of Boots on A Bench’ the band went into another chorus and then the instrumental break that built to a driving groove before the band kicked back into the coda. As they reached full throttle, Harry Gaines, with his mouth locked open, began an odd hopping motion and leapt about a metre into the air from a standing position before falling, slamming face-forward onto the stage no more than a couple of metres in front of me, with his bass under his body.."

"Gaines never fully recovered and died less than a year later from suspected wreck-abuse symptoms in a small flat south of the river. Oddly, though, most punters would remember him as “the guy who got a shock on stage”, and vaguely remember that it was electricity that had killed him rather than the wrecks he’d been taking."

52: "The man himself returned about five minutes later with two architecturally built men who resembled the marble columns in an ancient monument. Put it this way, they didn’t seem like the kind of men who hung out together at Pink See-Through Fantasia gigs in their spare time."