Merry Andrews, The

Dravin Alexander vocals
Valdeze Baird guitar
Don Latimer 
(later Jessie Zurawski) bass
Konner Benton drums

Multi-instrumentalist Gregor Lausch was, for many years, guitarist and drummer of this gitrock group but left due to "musical differences" with bassist Don Latimer, who in turn was replaced by Jessie Zurawski after Latimer died of a wreck overdose.

"There was news about ‘secret’ gigs (Teetotum at the 100 Volts), band break-ups (horn player Lintun Bumpus had left Teetotum to join Raoul and the Kermadecs, who had subsequently split into two camps), changes in damager (Felix Dale had handed in his notice to Durango 95 to take on the Merry Andrews), and tittle-tattle (Cornelius Layden, Breechclout’s frontman had contracted Chlamydia from a Herbertstraße hooker on a break between some stage II dates). But no one mentioned the Dirty Birds or Sam Ratcliff’s death."

22. "John had arranged to meet an old squatter friend, Jessie Zurawski, bass player in the Merry Andrews."

57: "I had reason to reflect on all of the above after getting into a lift in the Portland Hotel with the bassist from the Merry Andrews, Jessie Zurawski, who was staying there at the time. The band were rehearsing in a nearby bunker."