Little Sea Hobos

55: " Outside the club a heavy checked my bag and ticked my name off the guest list while another patted me down, more for show than anything, before I was allowed to cross the shining threshold. The Hollows smelt of excitement; expensive perfumes mingled with cocktail liqueurs and clove smoke. Lactic Parabola were supporting the Little Sea Hobos tonight, so claggy fans of both bands were out in force – all tight rubber-wear, greased back hair and artificially slicked skin; the lot of them as limp as a bunch of month-old celery left in a glass on the kitchen bench and about as enticing."

"By the time I bid Ollie farewell (we pecked each other on both cheeks, stage IV style) the Little Sea Hobos were well into their first song."

From the darkness: “What? No! I was on my way to the dressing room to see an old pal – Winnie Knapton, the bass player with the Little Sea Hobos. I saw you heading backstage yourself and had a mind to introduce myself but I lost you in those corridors – it’s a shrieking maze back there, I tell you.”