Inflatable Flea

2: "Eventually, Virgo’s behaviour became so unpredictable and his ability to play his parts onstage so compromised that the Irrelevant Shirts decided they’d have to dismiss him and bring in a session guitarist for their Imprimatur slot. So they were rehearsing with ex-Inflatable Flea sideman Matthew Barcock-Burman at John Henry’s one day when Virgo turned up, uninvited and unannounced.

"The hawker started jabbering at me as soon as we made eye contact, going so far as to hold out an arm to impede my progress and focus my attention on her wares. She had most of the big band logos, from the Dust Bunnies and The Lazarus Dynamic to Abschnitt and Tabula Rasa, and even buttons for some less well-known acts like the Nefarious Porpoises, Inflatable Flea and Idle Cheese."