Event Muscle (security firm)

A smaller rival to Heavy Duty, based out west in Greenham Weald. Micky Lobemo is its human resources manager. Event Muscle is of interest to Rarity Dean when Montgomery Houchins of Heavy Duty suggests she should talk to Lobemo.

52: "As soon as I was properly awake I looked up Event Muscle in the phone book. The company apparently wasn’t in the same league as Heavy Duty. Lobemo had either thought better of paying a Weca rent or considered it wise to maintain a lower profile than his competitors. It seemed he ran the business out of a disused church on Barley Mow Passage on the southern edge of Greenham Weald, the mainly residential suburb, out west."

"Event Muscle was neatly if spartanly decorated and Lobemo’s office a partitioned corner-room with two glass walls facing the other offices partly obscured by cheap, plastic venetian blinds."