1: "Sam was in jeans and a white Catercorner t-shirt with the band’s oversized, black 8-ball logo tilted on the front. By the time the song ended, with its customary stuttering power chords, Sam’s t-shirt was drenched in sweat and something about the mood in the room had changed."

2: "Sam Ratcliff, daringly in the wild, out over the mosh pit, belly down, surfing the punters in her tight white Catercorner t-shirt…"

16: "Where would I find a Catercorner t-shirt, Clive?” I said to the landlord of the Sir Patrick Spens as he poured me a correxo the following lunchtime.
    “I’d have thought someone with your connections could just call up the band’s damager and they’d have one sent over to you pronto, Rarity.”
    “This is a very particular Catercorner t-shirt.”
    “Ah. Collector’s item is it? Say no more. You want a specialist in band memorabilia, you do. Someone like Nathan Legg of Rich Cunts Craving Esteem – pardon my stage fours, Rarity.”