Balloons For Doves

Dominick Cairnduff guitar, lead vocals
Rob Lunn lead guitar, backing vocals
Judd Ticknor bass guitar, backing vocals
Mal Crofte keyboard, backing vocals
Salton Wing drums

“What do you call yourselves, again?”

Cairnduff hadn’t mentioned the band name in the call he’d placed with the answering service, sensibly just mentioned he was ex-Arecibo Code. “Balloons For Doves,” said Cairnduff. “Well, that can be fixed,” said Silver, with a dismissive wave of the hand.

"Cairnduff didn’t, in fact, have a band. There were no Balloons For Doves. He’d played all the instruments on the demo himself, laboriously overdubbing them. It had taken him months to learn to play the drums, keyboards and bass well enough to back his simple, three-chord songs."

44. “That your guitar, sir?” asked a uniformed fireman, heading towards the scene, apparently more vigilant in identifying looters than punters to rescue.

“Yeah, I’m with the band – Balloons For Doves,” said Cairnduff, sounding dazed and mechanical as he brushed a sliver of glass from one of the Coronado’s cutaways. The fireman seemed satisfied with this or was simply too distracted by the work at hand, and continued towards number 18.

53. "Dominick Cairnduff, Stage I’s most star-crossed songshifter, did eventually manage to put a band together. And in a doffing of his black watch cap to destiny he named them Balloons For Doves. They even made it so far as to successfully audition for a slot supporting Národní Podnik at the Brickworks Palais."

"Cairnduff wasn’t going to let some ephemeral hallucination ruin his big night. Balloons For Doves’ support slot wasn’t reviewed or mentioned in any of the music papers. The punters didn’t go wild (they were too energised by the prospect of Národní Podnik to react to Balloons For Doves with anything more than a smattering of applause) but at least they achieved most musos’ dream of playing the Brickworks Palais. It would be nice to be able to add that Dominick Cairnduff dined out on that for the rest of his days but it would also be untrue."