One of the impresario's spies. Although never explicitly explained it's possible that both Raguly and his 'good cop' partner Nebuly are clones, self-replicating automata or masters of multi-location; in any case, they seem to have the unsettling ability to appear in numerous places at once. Their job is surveillance, administration of Sentimental Hygiene and, to an extent, ensuring that impresario-endorsed bands partake of their riders (which contain an antidote to Sentimental Hygiene. Raguly wears a black undertaker's top hat. He and Nebuly are variously known as the "No Men" and "the maleficent and sinful Ones".

Chapter 2

Raguly and Nebuly may have seemed to be blundering and ineffectual to most punters but it was impossible to be certain this wasn’t a design feature intended to create a sense of false security.

Chapter 3

Jake’s introduction to the impresario’s agents was mercifully brief. It took place in a dimly lit room at the STAGE DOOR. Raguly was flat-faced, as though not fully formed in all dimensions. His eyes were enormous, monochromatic and shifty, always trying to look around the action instead of at it. He could also be identified by his undulating mono-brow, bushy sideburns, white cravat and the irregular golden star pinned to the lapel of his day-coat. He was weasel-like and did most of the talking.

Artist's impression of Raguly