One of the impresario's spies. Although never explicitly explained it's possible that both Nebuly and his more talkative partner Raguly are clones, self-replicating automata or masters of multi-location; in any case, they seem to have the unsettling ability to appear in numerous places at once. Their job is surveillance, administration of Sentimental Hygiene and, to an extent, ensuring that impresario-endorsed bands partake of their riders (which contain an antidote to Sentimental Hygiene.Nebuly wears a dark grey Cappello romano. He and Raguly are variously known as the "No Men" and "the maleficent and sinful Ones".

Chapter 2
Raguly and Nebuly may have seemed to be blundering and ineffectual to most punters but it was impossible to be certain this wasn’t a design feature intended to create a sense of false security.

Chapter 3
Nebuly was obese, his midriff so distended that it was difficult to tell where he ended and the long habit he wore began. He carried himself awkwardly; a stoop made him appear as though he was searching for some lost object. Round, bottle-bottom spectacles reinforced this illusion. When he spoke, the chapel-like acoustics of his barrel chest gave his words their own ambience, and they echoed downwards from his earth-facing mouth, forcing you to concentrate to understand him.