Mother Shipton

Jamarreon Barton vocals
Micaden Reese violin, vocals
Kamarre Farrell acoustic guitar
Anakin Bernard tambourine, vocals
Maddix Mcdaniel acoustic bass, vocals
Kristanna Booker harmonium, barrel organ
Alexavier Fischer percussion

Chapter 14
When they first moved in there were suspicions the Silent acted a front that enabled the impresario to spy on the other squatters, but I’ve seen no evidence to support that assertion. There were links to rival bands, including minimalist rebels Mother Shipton.

Chapter 20
Scrooch were not the only band to rebel against the shtick. These nonconformists dismissed what came to be known as stagecraft or “the phenomena” as gimmickry. Such showmanship detracted from the music, they argued. And these purists began to push the music back into the limelight, spurning the simplest light shows, back projections and, in the case of Mother Shipton and Friar Bacon’s Brazen Head, even amplification.