Dukker Cece vocals
Chal Albo guitar, vocals
Brishen Jaros soprano sax, clarinet
Danior Konkol tenor sax
Camlo Bernath trumpet
Durril Panko trombone
Chik Feher baritone sax
Durriken Tamas keyboards, vocals
Duke Sandor bass, vocals
Camlo Peri drums

In Chapter 39, a band performing on the Green Fields Festival bill when Scrooch turn up on spec. Fraser Carlyon and Sam of the Dirty Birds watch their set from the side of the stage.

When Hedgerider’s name came up on the LED screen in the hospitality tent Fraser stepped out into the rain, followed at an irritated distance by Barney – struggling to keep tabs on his man – aiming to catch at least part of their set. Everyone was talking about Hedgerider so it would make a good icebreaker at the Sir Patrick Spens when he returned to civilisation.

The band has a five-piece horn section, consisting of soprano sax and clarinet, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone and baritone sax and are best known for their spaghetti western motifs, unison riffs and cut-up lyrics. The band also appears on the Imprimatur bill, and causes something of a sensation with their minimalist stage costumes (the horn section presumably obscured by larger-than-usual music stands).

Chapter 60
as much took everyone by surprise with their meandering, country-tinged songs as they did by appearing entirely in the nude behind their large, acoustic instruments. They closed with their mournful ballad ‘Nearly Seventy Glassine Envelopes’, which moved everyone in Chalkhill to tears; a tide-marked stadium.