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Moths' Wages (Club)
Subfusc (Club)
The Whole, The Good and The Beautiful (Club)
The Wrong Song (former dance hall)
Mermaid (Club)
Apollo (Club)
Lake Village Sports Hall
Fuse (Club)
October (Club)
Saturday (Club)
Brothers (Club)
Scriblerus (Club)
Calves’ Head (Club)
King’s Head (Club)
The Hell-Fire (Club)
Kit-Kat (Club)
The Tatler’s (Club)
Royal Society (Club)
Cocoa-Tree (Club)
Almack’s (Club)
Almack’s Assembly Rooms
Blookie’s (Club)
White’s (Club)
Boodle’s (Club)
The Beef-Steak Society
The King Of Clubs
The Robin Hood
Blue-Stocking (Club)
Ivy-Lane (Club)
Essex Head (Club)
The Dilettante Society
Travellers’ (Club)
Alfred (Club)
Athenium (Club)
Garrick (Club)
The Golden Ball
The Four-In-Hand (Club)
Lamp And Barrel
220 Volts
The Tally Ho
The Louse And Bartab (in Giseldone)
Sam Widges
The Smelter
The Golden Poppy (club)
The Well With Two Buckets