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Generically known as a 'gangboys', several gangs feature in Songshifting, here listed in order of relative notoriety/occurrence: 

Chapter 1 - "Most punters are too afraid of Mohocks and Mentulls to venture out in darkness but a disregard for personal safety accompanies me like an invisible bodyguard"; " The Mohocks had the west end in almost total lockdown and there were goons swarming around the STAGE DOOR to provide security for the impresario"; "Clutching Fraser’s red book I made a dash for the stadium to the sound of flivvers hooting asthmatically and Mohocks and Mentulls yelling bawdy taunts about my rear end."

Mentulls: Chapter 1 - " But there was no traffic and not even a Mohock or a Mentull in sight, just occasional pedestrians trying to disguise themselves under their hat brims"; "A flustered Carlyon later told a reporter that he had no idea what had prompted the violence but that Scrooch were 'not into the whole Mentulls gangboy vibe'."

Ugmos: Chapter 17 - "Always a pretty rough place, you needed to watch out for Mohocks, Ugmos and Rastamen on the way to Fuse"; "Some local Ugmos had rigged up a line of road spikes, but the leading artick driver spotted them in time to turn on his hazard lights, apply the air brakes and pull over."

Hep-Hep: Chapter 5 - "Hep-Hep and Mentulls guarded all the exits and punters milled around in foul-smelling clots, drinking home-brew and moonshine from plastic cups and smoking clove burns, but the place smelt only of must and mildew."

Hectors: Chapter 32 - "Some bore chains, the rest wielded shivs of varying lengths and rustiness. From the patches and tattoos Fraser guessed they were Hectors, and they were encircling the two musos."

Scuttlers: Chapter 39 - "They were a matter of metres from the door at the side of the stage when the Scuttler materialised"; "In the confusion Toc managed to scrabble to the door and alert some heavies, who dragged the Scuttler off and administered first aid to Anti."

Hoodies: Chapter 17 - "Fuse closed down long ago but after thinking about that gig I walked over there – through the tunnels with only a few night-shift workers for company, coming back through cold evening floodlights, eyes like dragonflies darting for rampant Hoodies and Ugmos."

Rastamen: Chapter 17 - "Always a pretty rough place, you needed to watch out for Mohocks, Ugmos and Rastamen on the way to Fuse."