Dissenters, The

Mann Kantrowitz vocals
Quintrell Japhet guitar
Derell Possenheimer bass
Okes Graff drums

The 'headline' act at the Devil Tavern on the night Jake Brehme undertakes the first trial of Sentimental Hygiene on behalf of Raguly and Nebuly.

Chapter 3
...the Dissenters were billed on their flyer as a covers band – “Evergreens given a new lease of life”. He hoped their songs would be short. The Dissenters’ logo looked like an ancient woodcut: a naked, bearded man without a hat; strange but no stranger than being alone in a suburban pub with no heavies.


The effects of the experiment went unnoticed until after the Dissenters came on at around 21:30. Then, in the middle of a cover version of a Frank Zivotovsky song Jake didn’t recognise but knew from its chorus lyric to have been a classic hit of its day, a subtle change in the atmosphere signalled a minuscule alteration of molecules, perhaps not even that.

To Jake’s eyes the musos began to take on the look of the distant crest of a road on a hot day; an almost imperceptible change to a silvery, shimmering oiliness that flickered upwards in crescents and slivers. Through the gaps in this mirage he could briefly glimpse the backline, the drumkit and cymbals. Everything morphed back to a more predictable view so swiftly as to make it seem like a temporary freak of vision, an optical illusion.

Then, as an old saying went, all hell broke loose. Except this hell was more bloody than fiery.

Requiem For Stage Diver & Bass Guitar, Chapter 47

Some of the Grid shots, none of which had ever been published, had been taken backstage, post-gig, in what looked to Jake and me like the dressing room of the Academy Ballroom. In one of them, the Dissenters’ singer Mann Kantrowitz (two-tone astrakhan papakha) had been snapped in a drunken embrace with another man who also looked like a muso: slate-grey ushanka worn with the ear-flaps down, torn denim jacket, black drainpipe pants, square-toe harness boots.