Chainsaw Dresden

Murtagh Wicklander vocals, rhythm guitar
Dubv Jarred fuzz guitar
Drem Graudyn bass, vocals
Duer Mommenheim drums, vocals

The band Rarity Dean sees at the Lyceum, Tulk Square, when she doesn't partake of the band's rider because her cab gets stuck in the traffic and so she has none of the Sentimental Hygiene antidote.

Their farewell tour is called 'The Toothless Broken Stones of Now' (page 119, Russell Hoban, Pilgermann, hardback edition).

Chapter 51

This one looks like it was taken from the photographers’ enclosure at some festival or other – Green Fields maybe, or Riverford. Stefan must have snapped me when he should have been photographing Chainsaw Dresden, the band in the other shots. Pity, he was probably only granted the first three songs of their set to get his photos and there isn’t a decent one among them. But this one of me with some of my journo colleagues from other papers is quite good.

I never much cared for Chainsaw Dresden and their music. They were too earnest, too self-important, far too convinced of their musical immortality for my liking – in spite or perhaps because of their ferociously loyal fan-base.

They’d called their farewell tour ‘The Toothless Broken Stones of Now’ and their last-ever gig would supposedly be at the Lyceum on Tulk Square, a much-converted cinema that in its long history had also been a theatre, nightclub, disco and screen for public Affable DJ Hologram broadcasts. It was now a club again. I was sceptical about the “farewell gig” thing because I’d heard it all before. This kind of band was always booking farewell gigs; although it was a good reason to get me dashing from one side of the city to the other and worth bunging a taxi driver twenty winks to get him to put his best shortcuts to the test. I’d been out in Illing at an impromptu songswap and had lost track of time.