Tillich The Toiler

Chapter 9: "The Music Machine was one of Chalcot’s converted ballrooms, a slightly shabby, two-tier venue that promoted themed events (fancy dress balls, talent quests, corporate bashes) as well as industry showcases by new bands and the kind of surprise, one-off appearances by established acts who enjoyed pretending to be secretive while actually being the exact opposite. When Cleo d’Auton invited me there to see shockafrilly quintet Tillich The Toiler it didn’t strike me as odd or significant."

"I wasn’t a Tillich The Toiler fan, or a follower of the shockafrilly craze in general, but it was always a pleasant ego-boost to be around Cleo."

"Tillich The Toiler had a colourful light show with some spectacularly spangled stage costumes. Even though I remained unconvinced about their rather hackneyed, stylised songs, there was no doubting their musicianship and professionalism. Their fan-base was ardently supportive, giving them the kind of applause most hipper, younger acts would sacrifice everything except their youth and hipness for."

Chapter 18: "And so it became common to hear cries of “Ludicrous Frog Wife!” and “Tillich The Toiler!” and “Oswald and the Ox-Goads!” on the streets of Weca and central."