The Demireps

Chapter 17: "So it was with palpable relief, when they struck up with ‘Dinner’s In The Bin’, that I realised the Demireps were screamingly good. They had the potential to be the next Dirty Birds. It had been a long time since I’d seen a singer with as much charisma as Pippa Addley."

"But, best of all, the Demireps’ drummer and percussionist (for the band’s third song she came down to the front of the stage to accompany voice and acoustic guitars on a pair of tom-toms) hit the skins like she meant to do them some damage. She was if not angry then certainly earnest about her job. She wanted to be heard and she didn’t care by whom."

Chapter 24: "After 15 minutes or so Barney paused to take a leak and I exchanged a few words with the Scrooch boys about the amazing success of the Demireps."

Chapter 27:
The Female You Know mixstick
The Demireps, ‘Dinner’s In The Bin’