Ludicrous Frog Wife

Chapter 17: "When a band called Ludicrous Frog Wife entered the feministars talent quest in Loidistown I won my fifty winks from Jake and he didn’t even bother to argue the point, although the whole business of whether they or the Demireps were the best band quickly became something of a badge of honour among the punters, who divided into two rival camps as passionate about their champions as gangboys were about their motorbikes."

Chapter 18: "And so it became common to hear cries of “Ludicrous Frog Wife!” and “Tillich The Toiler!” and “Oswald and the Ox-Goads!” on the streets of Weca and central."

Chapter 25: "The Dirty Birds’ one-time rhythm section, bassist Dorit Heyes-Norment and drummer Leah Golin, were given a lift up to Chipping St Gilles by Barney Prendergast so they could watch Ludicrous Frog Wife play at the village fête."

"Again, power was shortly restored, the band’s return to the stage this time less cohesive – impetuous drummer Natàlia Blewett and keyboardist Jan Barthram (whose sensitive electronic equipment was the most likely to suffer damage from power cuts and surges) were in favour of abandoning the gig, collecting their fee, giving the organisers a Loidistown kiss, loading their gear and going home – but after a moment’s confusion, Blewett’s feet and sticks stuttered out a somewhat half-hearted beat, and Ludicrous Frog Wife had a crack at ‘Why Do Towns Turn Strange When You Leave?’."

Chapter 27: "'Hey, you lot over there in that line!' Rubbery This vocalist Christian Freeborn began on the main stage, in an eerie echo of Ludicrous Frog Wife’s Chipping St Gilles gig, 'What are you even queuing up for, do you actually know?'"