Locke, Berkeley & Hume

Chapter 37: "In the Baldachin on Downton Street at showtime, Locke, Berkeley & Hume stepped onto the stage with their instruments in front of 600 broiling punters and several TV outside broadcast cameras, and simultaneously struck the A-minor chord that was the introduction to ‘Empiricism’ (marked by their drummer with a downbeat on the snare) then twiddled with their rack-mounted effects, digital delays and reverb units. Naturally the punters – hardcore LB&H fans to a man and woman – instantly recognised their biggest hit because two decades since, long before the sound amnesties and the bonfires, they had all owned this song on vinyl album, cassette or even CD. But they hadn’t heard it played live for that long, since LB&H had split up not long after its release."

"However much the young folk raved about the shock ‘n’ stun clusters, they just didn’t make bands like LB&H any more. As they left the stage for the second time, it gave me some relative quiet in which to have the conversation I’d come to the Baldachin for in the first place – with the Affable DJ Hologram; its weekly TV programme’s cameras had been recording Locke, Berkeley & Hume’s historic comeback performance."