First Wave

Chapter 21: "I’d noticed earlier that at the same time as all the songsticks had magically appeared, one stallholder had put up a large display consisting of a billboard poster for First Wave, one of our feministars talent quest winners, and all of her songsticks were identical examples of Martha, Dear, their first release."

Chapter 22: 
"When Scrooch’s damager Alan Grant – whose company Primo Beans was now also managing First Wave – told his new act about the confiscation of their Martha, Dear songsticks by the clipdomes, and that they wouldn’t be returned unless they paid up, the band were justifiably distraught."

"Perce reached up with his hoe into the shaft of a manhole and carefully hauled down a grimy oilskin bag with frayed handles that had been left suspended from a rusted cleat, bolted to the wall high overhead. Inside it were several hundred copies of First Wave’s Martha, Dear."

Chapter 27
The Female You Know mixstick
First Wave, ‘Martha, Dear’