wrecks (punter slang)

Recreational drugs (recs = wrecks), now frowned upon by the impresario - largely because taking them before or during gigs might interfere with the effects of Sentimental Hygiene pumped into the venue by Raguly and Nebuly.

Chapter 5
I felt as low as if I’d been coming off a bender, which is a laugh; I’ve not been dealt ‘wrecks’, the old fallback recreational drugs, in years.

Chapter 10
This one of
me with a couple of the Exquisite Network boys still brings a sour taste to my mouth. They found the singer, Ethan Boyle – that’s him in the black Monmouth cap – dead in a hotel room in suspicious circumstances but with no evidence of wrecks.


None of this is my own doing; it’s not as though I can blame wrecks or even a lack of exercise or worsening depression, although it’s certainly been accompanied by plenty of the latter.

Chapter 19
There had always been such incidents – especially while wrecks and popular music were still good friends – but there seemed to be even more of them nowadays. It was surely no coincidence that I saw so many ambulance-men inside the venues, but I didn’t hear punters or industry-types questioning it.

Chapter 39
Some of the punters were daubed in mud; faces wild, dry patches overlaid with still damp earth, their entire bodies camouflaged by the perpetual dusk, their skin merging into one of two colours. Some of them were clearly high on wrecks and their eyes shone threateningly beneath the dirt.