Jesus Jellett

A wild dancer and eccentric who's a perennial presence at gigs and who is later apparently accidentally shot dead while hitch-hiking (he gets a lift from a band whose description, given to Rarity Dean in Chapter 23 by driver Barney Prendergast sounds suspiciously like the Dust Bunnies' Shannon brothers, Teddy Shannon and Jacky Shannon). Barney calls Jesus "a kid in a fluffy coat with long, bowl-cut hair" and at the end of the same chapter:

“Raguly and Nebuly must have taken care of the body because there was never anything in the paper about a hitchhiker going missing. Trust me, this happened – and on my watch, I’m ashamed to say. But I’ll tell you one thing: our heavies searched those boys and their luggage every day after that, and from then on the impresario insisted the singer and guitarist travel on separate buses.”

Chapter 17
I found it hard not to like Jesus and I think most punters felt a similar affection for him. When he went missing a few years later, crude photocopied posters went up all over the city and in all the venues. No one could find a photograph of him at the time (although I later spotted him in the background of a few shots in the Grid archive), so someone sketched him from memory; not particularly well but his bowl-cut hairstyle was unmistakable.

They found Jesus’s body in the river a few weeks later, stitched-up pockets filled with stones. A rumour made the rounds that he’d been tarred and feathered before being thrown in.

'Jesus' Jellett