"Kookaburra Capers,"  "Christmas Songs
for Children"and "Sing a Song Along" cds.

107 songs for young children on 3 cds!



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"Mary had a baby Boy"




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 Make Children's lives richer through music.  Children need more music and movement. Parents who encourage 'live' language learning by reading with their babies and singing and chanting rhymes can give their children a head start of up to 5 years of language-rich interaction before starting School.  The child's whole world is filled with sound and music.  It is everywhere. Children all over the world bring with them their ability to make and respond to music.


Hello, I am Christine White.

     "Kookaburra Capers", "Christmas Songs for Children"and "Sing a Song      Along" are three cds that I have recorded for young children.  I worked at a Kindergarten in Tasmania for 20 years and during that time spent many enjoyable hours teaching songs to children and learning new songs and actions.  I now run voluntary singing sessions at a local library for babies and young children.

The cds have proved very popular with children, parents and teachers.

Cost of the cds are $15.00 (Australian dollars) each.  Free Postage within Australia.

Song booklets are included.

              Song Titles "Kookaburra Capers"


Song Titles "Christmas Songs for Children"

  I have released a new cd called "Sing a Song along"
The cd contains 32 fantastic songs for young children and includes a song booklet.
Song Titles "Sing a Song along" CD

There will be a discount for purchasing the 3cds.


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 Teachers' comments:

"I teach children with special needs and they loved the CD. The pitch of your voice means we can all sing along comfortably and the pace of the music allows for greater understanding and articulation of the words. Many students at our centre use signing to communicate and your songs accommodate this perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing your talents."

"I love all the songs and have always enjoyed singing them with my Kinder children.  I like the pitch of your voice because as you know so many singers sing so very high and I feel I have to stretch the notes"

"The CD is absolutely fantastic.  The right songs, the right pitch and the right pace.  Wonderful!! So many CDs out for children have a couple of songs we are familiar with and then deep and meaningful (and boring) songs which have the children and I "switching' off within a few moments".

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