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Mission : To share the journey of life with music and photography ...

demonstrating the power of arts in education and healthcare fields

Dianne Baker has been active in Ann Arbor and across Michigan for years working with all

ages in schools, hospitals, senior centers, and community programs. She has always

been inspired by the natural wonders here in Michigan while composing songs and in

recent years has become serious about using photography to express feelings of her

songs. Examples are the songs “Lake Michigan, You Are On My Mind” and “Sharing

the Journey….Lightens the Load”

Here's a link to a video created by Carrot-Top Industries with Dianne's Patriotic March

 “Red, White, and Blue... Fly'em Proud, Fly'em High”

“Red, White, and Blue-Fly’Em Proud, Fly’Em High”, performed by the U.S. Coast Guard Band.

Available Now a New Full Concert Band Arrangement with Chorus, 

arranged by Lewis J. Buckley, Past Director of the U.S. Coast Guard Band

Dianne Baker Photo Slide Show

Winter Slide Show

Click on the title to view the cover of... the Children's book “Mister Frog You Just Think You're Smart” 
with CD audio book and song by Dianne Baker, Illustrated by Samantha Sethi.

Contact Information:

Email: bakerdianne@comcast.net