"Mister Frog, You Just Think You're Smart !" -  2009 - First Edition
Composer / Author :  Dianne Baker                              Illustrator :  Samantha Sethi

Picture Book for Young Readers - Song / Story / CD 
- welcome to the world of Mister Frog and discover how he grew from a tadpole to a handsome frog .. 
objective is to enhance emergent reading skills by singing - for  children pre-school to third grade and beyond
This engaging beautifully illustrated story for young readers uses rhythm, rhymes, and catchy song lyrics 
to help children discover Mister Frog's  secret.  Mister Frog  knows that he has changed from a wiggly, 
waggly tadpole into a jumping, croaking, laughing frog. He draw the children into his secret as they 
sing his song, croak is "ribbits" and observe his transformation on each exciting page of the story. 

In the book you will find music with piano, guitar and dulcimer notations. The accompanying CD contains reading 
of the book plus a children's chorus singing the "Mister Frog " song. This unique book delights children from pre-school to grade three and beyond. 
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