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Northern Berkshire Contra Dance

What is Contra Dance??
 & video of a large dance to find out.....
Our Hall
Is inside a beautiful old New England style white church.  The floor is of sprung wood that is currently cammoflauged by a thin layer of linoleum tile.  There is a good sized functional stage at one end and opening windows along all of one side.  Williams College surrounds the church.  There is a grassy common right next door.  Easy parking is down the side road between the grassy common & church either on that road or in the parking lot behind the church.  Several restaurants can be found within walking distance along with a sandwich and coffee shop.
 Where is the dance?

First Congregational Church 906 Main Street Williamstown, MA

Contact with Questions:
During Dance Hours 413-652-1331
DANCE GUIDELINES for Bands/Callers
about set up, compensation & what to expect at the dance.......Coming soon
Northern Berkshire Contra Dance

We are not holding dances for the 2015-2016 dance season
but hope to return next year......
Most 3rd Fridays - 7:15PM Beginner's Lesson
7:30PM-10:30ish Dance, Dance, Dance..........
Admission $10 or donate more if you can.

First Congregational Church in Williamstown
906 Main Street, Williamstown, MA 01267 (This is actually Route 2 as it goes through Williams College)  A big white traditional New England style church.  Go to the side door with the ramp.
 Please Bring:
-soft soled clean shoes for dancing
to protect/respect both your feet & the floor
-pot-luck goodies for the dance break like cookies
-a water bottle so that we do not need to waste disposable cups
Upcoming Dances:
March 21
No Dance This Month!
April 18
Caller: Steve Howland
May 16
From Last Spring:
Friday, March 15, 2013
Steve Howland Calling
Eric Buddington on Fiddle, Charles Fisher on Flute & an awesome Guitarist
Friday, April 19, 2013
Peter Stix Calling
Eric Buddington on Fiddle, Tony Pisano on Accordion/Guitar & Josh Pisano on Percussion
Friday, May 17, 2013
Michael Kernan Calling
Eric Buddington on fiddle, Mark Maniak on guitar & Ronadh Cox on bodhran
See you there.........
Dances are held on most 3rd Fridays at 7:15PM for the dancing warm-up/lesson with the actual dance running from 7:30-10:30ish.  Dances are held at the First Congregational Church in Williamstown, MA at 906 Main Street (this is actually right off Route 2). The dance admission is $10 per person.  Higher donations are always welcome.  The dance is a non-profit event but needs funds to pay the live performers & use of the hall.
 We are no longer hosting pot-luck dinners before dances.  If you are a caller or musician who needs some dinner food before the dance, please let Jill know this & we will bring you some.