The Carpenters

Karen and Richard Carpenter


     There are many sites on the web that are made in tribute to the Carpenters and some sites are created for the sole purpose of Carpenters' fans to be able to connect and share their like interests.  I enjoy reading them and looking at the great pictures. 

     The purpose of this website is also to be a tribute to one of the (in my opinion) greatest recording groups of all time, but also for me to share my own personal Carpenters collections and memorbilia that I have collected through the years.  The albums, CDs, books, videos, etc. are mine.  The pictures are some that I have seen on the internet and wanted to share.   

     The many sites that I have seen through the years have inspired me to create this site.  This website is a work in progress.  Some pages are completed as I want them to be, while others only have a picture or a few comments.  Come back and visit again.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through this site.

Several of the pages will have links to videos that you can watch to see and hear the Carpenters perform.  The links will take you away from this page to youtube.  You will have to use your "back" button on your web browser to return to this site.