Assistant Professor of Finance at Singapore Management University

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Household Finance, Psychology and Economics, Real Estate Economics, Experimental Economics

Research Interests:

Changcheng Song's primary research interests are in the interaction between household finance and behavioral economics, using both observational data and experimental data. His research focuses on household finance decisions in housing, retirement savings and insurance, credit card consumption and debt. His current research studies the consequences of homebuyers' behavioral biases on the banks’ mortgage contract design and housing prices. He also studies the role and consequence of real estate agent and appraisers in the housing market. Besides his research on the housing market, he conducts field experiments to identify the barriers to the diffusion of financial products and medical screening, such as pension plans, weather insurance, and diabetes screening. His study focuses on several barriers, such as financial literacy, naïve present bias, and information avoidance. He has conducted fieldwork in China, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Moreover, he studies whether and why relationship banking provides benefits to banks in credit card market and the consumption response to credit card tightening policy. 

Contact: ccsong@smu.edu.sg

Mailing Address:

Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Singapore Management University

50 Stamford Rd, #4109

Singapore 178899, Singapore

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