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I've collaborated with musicians globally on Kompoz.com. Some of the 5.1 mixes below are from those collaborations.

5.1 mixes

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Steve Swellander is an author, songwriter and musician from San Antonio, Texas with over thirty years of teaching and performing experience. He composes songs with literate lyrics and an individual sound that is not always easy to categorize. In recent years he has focused on sounds from the mandolin family, including mandola and bouzouki, but his songs are not bluegrass or Celtic. They incorporate elements of blues, jazz, traditional folk and hymn. Steve is also a writing professor and has published a writer's guide.

Enjoy these complete music files in either regular two channel stereo or 5.1 surround mixes. For 5.1  surround sound, you'll need a 5.1 capable sound card  (pretty standard on newer laptops and desktops) and a five speaker set up with a subwoofer. Streaming does not support 5.1 sound, so you will need to download the surround sound files and listen to them through a proper surround setup. The wave files are large, so download time, depending on your connection, may take a while.

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Available in paperback and a Kindle edition. 

"Silence your inner English teacher. Tie her up, gag her and lock her in the closet for a while. Just write." From Spark to Finish is for people who have had their inner writer beaten out of them with too many red pen strokes. Writing is a gift that all of us can partake of, and it doesn't have to be for high stakes and grades. The regular practice of writing sharpens your thinking and focuses your thoughts. It enables you to uncover what you really do think. Steve Swellander, a college writing teacher for over thirty years, takes a no nonsense, humorous and sometimes irreverent look at writing. Like our spoken language, writing is for all of us, not just self-professed elite language guardians. He takes you though the steps of finding your spark--your desire to communicate--and fleshing it all out in ways that honor your unique vision of what you want to say.