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Ribbon Festival

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Tri-City Music Teachers Association sponsors the annual Ribbon Festival, a participation event, for students of member teachers.
  Students and their families can participate in the Ribbon Festival during these hours, 8:00 - 2:00.  5:00-6:30.  The ribbon events are not scheduled and you are welcome to come anytime.

Since its introduction in 1980, the Ribbon Festival has motivated hundreds of Tri-City area music students.  Registration fees cover costs and fund student scholarships.  We look forward to your participation in continuing this wonderful event.

Students may earn up to eleven award ribbons, all related to music.   Every student from beginning to advanced, can have a successful, rewarding experience.   All students who participate in an event will receive a ribbon.

 For Member-Teachers in Tri-City Chapter
The Ribbon Festival offers your students several performance opportunities.  These events are "low-key" and are designed to encourage the beginning student through the intermediate-advancing students.  To get an overall view, go to the Student Participation Sheet.  The events are listed there.  The student receives a ribbon for each event entered.
Then, go to the Ribbon Categories Sheet to see what the guidelines are for each event.  From there, go to the Registration For Teachers page.  You will find a suggested process for teachers to follow.  Please encourage your students' parents and families to attend and to volunteer an hour.   Each family may come during the Ribbon Festival hours on their own schedule.   They should plan on about 60-90 minutes in order to complete their student's events.The Ribbon Festival chairs are certainly willing to help you with any questions you might have.  The more experienced teachers are very willing to help you, also.
Your students will have fun! 
*The Drop-Down Menu under Ribbon Festival at the top of this page includes all your forms.
Teacher Volunteer Hours:  4
Parent Volunteer Hour:  1 volunteer hour for every 5 students you register

 Date:  Nov. 5,  2016
at Central United Protestant Church (CUP), 1124 Stevens Dr., Richland
Special Solo Ribbon for 2016:  Baroque
Registration fees, after expenses, fund our Music Scholarships.