Ribbon Festival

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General Information

See the Drop-Down Menu under Ribbon Festival to register your students, your teacher hours and your parents' volunteer hours.  Student fees are due at the October chapter meeting.

Tri-City Music Teachers Association sponsors the annual Ribbon Festival, a participation event, for students of member teachers.
   The ribbon events are not scheduled and you are welcome to come anytime.
We look forward to your participation in continuing this wonderful event.  To find out a little history about the Ribbon Festival, go here.

Students may earn up to eleven award ribbons, all related to music.  
Every student from beginning to advanced, can have a successful, rewarding experience.  
All students who participate in an event will receive a ribbon.

 Date:  Nov. 3, 2018
at Central United Protestant Church (CUP), 1124 Stevens Dr., Richland
Special Solo Ribbon for 2018:  Romantic Period
8:00 - 2:00 and 5:00 - 6:30