Sonatinafest/Bach Festival

  DATES for 2017
  Fri., Nov. 3; 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the Richland Public Library
Sat., Nov. 4; 8:00- at Central United Protestant Church
Adjudicator:  Dr. David Kim, Whitman College faculty

To volunteer, go here to see the schedule.  Email your request to

Forms and Fees are due at the Oct. Chapter meeting.
Make checks payable to "Tri-City Chapter of WSMTA".

  • Central Washington University
    2016 Sonata-Sonatina Festival
    Saturday October 21, 2017

    Hosted by Dr. John Pickett

  • Go HERE for more information.

Please print the EVALUATION forms out for your students and have them filled out and ready to hand the adjudicator with the music (which should have the measures numbered) upon arrival. Circle which option your student will be playing if there is a choice (ie: 2 octaves HS or 1 octave HT). 

The m.m. speed on the technique pages on the website are minimum speeds. If your student wishes to play at a faster speed, that is fine. Please write in the metronome speed your student will be playing, in the scale and arpeggio sections of the evaluation form. 

Please have your students come as a group (in between breaks on the schedule). If they absolutely can't stay for the group's entire time, please let us know, but it will run more smoothly if we only have students coming and going during the allotted breaks. Most groups have 3-5 students.

Each teacher should bring a snack donation for our adjudicator. She has requested nothing with flour or sugar. Nuts, fruit, or water bottles would be helpful.


  • Sonata Technique.  See the file below.
  • Sonatina Information.  See the file below.
  • Teacher registration form.  See the file below.)
  • Evaluation Form
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