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Soumya Das

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 560012, India.

email: firstname.u2k@gmail.com,


Research interests: Analytic aspects of Automorphic forms, analytic and algebraic number theory.

~If someone does science in a forest, but doesn't make a sound, did science actually happen?

- Michael Short.


Ph.D. :

1) Pramath Anamby (2014 --) (IISc)

2) Ritwik Pal (2014 --) (IISc)

3) K. Hariram (2016 --) (IISc)

Post-Docs :

Sushma Palimar (DST Women Scientist, 2017--),

Abhash Kr. Jha (SERB-NPDF, 2017--),

Sneh Bala Sinha (NBHM PostDoc, 2018--).

Msc : Vignesh AH (2015), A. Dasgupta (2018)

UG : Final Year projects: Chirag (2014), Debatosh Das (2016)

Reading Projects:

Summer students


Jan 2019: MA 213, Algebra II: Grading policy - There would be no written assignments to be turned in. However, there would be periodical quizzes (say of duration 30-45 mins conducted by the T.A.) followed by discussion of these and other practice problems, which would be put up on this webpage periodically.

Approximately the weightage would be: 25%, 25%, 50% for Quizzes, Mid-term exam, Final-exam respectively. The TA for this course is G. V. K. Teja (with assistance from M Hassain).

* The mid semestral examination has been scheduled during 18-23 Feb. on 23 Feb. from 10AM-1 PM in LH-1. The syllabus would be whatever was covered in class until 14 February.

**Practice problems should be considered as supplements to the class, and are examinable, unless mentioned otherwise. You can ask about any of them to either the T.A. or the instructor.

***Final exam would be held on ?? April, from ??AM to ?? PM. Venue would be .... Please write short answers. Short and correct answers would be given high value. In particular there is no point in deriving or proving things which have already been proved in class. You may just state them.

(a) Practice problems: P1, P2, P3, P4, A1 (to be submitted by few of you)

(b) Quizzes: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q3', Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7

(c) Solutions: S1

(c) Mid-term: M1, F1


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