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¡Bienvenido al sitio de El Comité de la Esperanza!
Somos un grupo de residentes que ha organizado y luchado para la comunidad de los apartamentos de wyvernwood por 25 años.

¿Que se encuentra en el sitio?
Por los links hallaran imágenes, audio y video ilustrando lo que hace wyvernwood un tesoro cultural y histórico.

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Welcome to El Comite de la Esperanza's website!
We are a residents group with 25 years of community organizing and advocacy at the Wyvernwood Housing Complex.

What will you find on this sight?
By navigating through the links in the menu bar, you will find images, audio, and video illustrating what makes the Wyvernwood Housing Complex a historical and cultural gem. 

What is Wyvernwood? Why is it important?

The Wyvernwood Housing Complex is a registered historic landmark that provides affordable housing to hundreds of families. It is a vibrant cultural epicenter in Los Angeles where generations of families share their US and Latin American customs with community members. It is a housing complex under the threat of demolition for the construction of high-rise luxury apartments.

Wyvernwood is an opportunity for the city of Los Angeles to decide whether it values affordable housing, green spaces, cultural vitality, family and community bonds, or the interests of a few wealthy developers. If it chooses the latter, it will lead to the displacement of thousands of people and the destruction of a geographically unique culture and community.

Wyvernwood should not be destroyed. It should be protected, preserved, and celebrated.