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We are an amateur oval racing group that conducts weekend race meets 7 to 10 times per year, mainly for sighthounds, but other breeds are welcome too. With a minimum of two of the same breed you can oval race your dog too !

We are primarily pet owners so safety is our first concern and competition comes in a distant second.  We take every precaution to ensure all entries are healthy, fit and injury free prior to each day's event with a "check-in" inspection of each dog entered in the event.

Currently our main location for oval racing is a greyhound training facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The regulation length track is perfectly groomed sand complete with sprinkler and irrigation systems.  This makes for very safe conditions to minimize the possibility of injuries to our favorite pets.

The mechanical lure, starting box and mechanical brake are operated by professional technicians with years of experience.  The track and entire facility are chain linked fenced to retain all dogs within the safety of the facility. We conduct our events with a high level of participation as all owners contribute by judging races and assisting in the set up of temporary equipment, such as awning, etc.

Our race events have become so popular the out of state participants equal the number of Florida state residents.  It is common for pet owners to drive hundreds to a thousand miles to enter their pets in our races that occur in the spring and fall of each year.  To view the exact dates scheduled for the season pleast visit our online calendar. 

If attending a SOMOS oval racing event interests you please visit each page on this web site to gain a better understanding of the competition.  We provide information regarding the track, overnight camping, local motels and links to attain the appropriate documentation to enter your pet.  SOMOS complies with all rules and regulations of the National Oval Track Racing Association (NOTRA).

Hope to see you soon!

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