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Individual Videos  

Charlie  -new

A Pirates Tale

Flirting with disaster

Hammy's Boomerang Adventure


Night before Christm...


Video Series 


Long Lost Brother -new

Look Who's Looking Now -new

The Klaymation-new

Rubber Ducky of Death -new

Sneaky Sneaky -new

Trapper -new

Pink Five 

    Pink Five - Coming Soon

    Pink Five Strikes Back - Coming Soon

    The Return of Pink Five V.1 - Coming Soon

Potter Puppet Pals 

    Bothering Snape -new

    Trouble at Hogwarts -new

    Wizard Angst - Coming Soon

Star Wars Spoofs

    Darth Maul Spoof - Coming Soon

    R2 Star Wars Spoof - Coming Soon

    Star Wars  Kamino Spoof - Coming Soon

    Wampa Star Wars Spoof - Coming Soon

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

    Terry Tate Draft Day -new

    Terry Tate Office Athlete of the Century -new

    Terry Tate Vacation -new

Weird Al

    Jurassic Park

    The Saga Begins

    White and Nerdy

    You Dont Love Me Anymore