Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Membership in the coop cost $60 for each full share and $30 for each half share. A full share receives one quart of yogurt per week for 24 weeks. A half share receives one quart of yogurt every other week for 24 weeks. There is also an additional one time $12 deposit per member which is refunded if you leave the coop. There are no other costs. We provide you with Mason jars.

What kind of yogurt can I get?

You can choose to receive either whole milk or non-fat yogurt. It is also possible to change your preference during your term as long as you don't make a habit of it.

How often do I have to make yogurt?
Each member is expected to make yogurt for the whole group twice during their 24-week term. Members always work in pairs so there is at least one experienced yogurt maker at each shift. Yogurt is made on Tuesday evenings and takes about 2 hours.

When and where can I pick up my yogurt?
You can pick up your yogurt any time from Thursday morning to Sunday at 6pm at First Church. Any yogurt left after 6pm on Sunday is considered extra and can be picked up by any member of the group.

What if I am away during my term?
If you let our dairy manager know that you need to skip one or more weeks before he or she places the order that week, you can have your term extended by the number of weeks you missed.

When can I join?
We have a rolling admission, so you can join any time. Expect about two weeks for us to process your forms and get you in the system.

Where does the milk come from?
All of our milk comes from cows..ha, ha. The cows live in Vermont and generously donate their milk to Crescent Ridge Farm located in Sharon MA. The milk is delivered each week in glass reusable bottles. It is not certified organic, but is rBST-free and is small batch processed.

How does the yogurt taste?

Awesome! It is thick and tart. Check out our Testimonials. If you would like to have a taste you can contact Sam at or Benny at in Millstone Coop.

Do I need experience?
No yogurt making experience is necessary. New members always make yogurt with an experienced member. The process is pretty simple.

How can I join?
In order to join, you will need to complete an application form and return it with a check. Please contact Sam at for details.

How can I learn more?
We also host potlucks every few months for members and the community. You are also welcome to attend yogurt making. Just contact Sam to set up a time. Check our events calendar.

Where you located?
The Somerville Yogurt Making Coop (SYMC) leases an industrial-sized kitchen at First Church Somerville (map) at 89 College Ave. in Somerville.