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9 Steps to the Ten Ring


Place one foot on each side of the shooting line.  Find a comfortable balanced stance with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Stand straight and tall, with your head up and your shoulders down and relaxed.


Place the arrow on the arrow rest, holding three arrow close to the nock. Keep the index fletching pointing away from the bow.  Snap the nock of the arrow onto the bowstring under the nock locator.

3) SET

Set you bow hand on the grip using only the web and meaty part of your thumb.  Your bow hand should be relaxed throughout the entire shot.  Set the first groove of your first 3 fingers around the bowstring creating a hook.  Keep the back of your drawing hand relaxed.


Raise your bow arm towards the target, without raising your shoulder.  Look at the target through the sight ring, an line up the bow string with the center of the bow.  Rotate your bow arm elbow under.  The elbow of your drawing arms should be near the level of your nose.


Draw the bow back by rotating your draw arm shoulder around until your elbow is directly behind the arrow. Continue looking at the target through the sight ring, and keep the string lined up with the center of the bow as you draw. Maintain a continuous drawing motion throughout the shot.


Draw the string to the front of your chin, placing the knuckle of your index finger directly under the side of your jaw (first finger to the point of your smile.) The string and string hand should be felt firmly against your jawbone. Lightly touch the string to the center of your nose. Continue to draw the bow smoothly, with stopping.

7) AIM

Focus your eyes and you concentration on the center of the target, looking through the sight ring. Keep the sting lined up with the center of the bow. Continue your gradual draw.


Simply release all the tension in your fingers and drawing hand, all at once, while you continue to draw the bow without stopping. Continue extending the bow arm towards the target as you release. Continue focusing on the target.


Drawing hand continues back beside neck with fingers relaxed, ending up near shoulder. Bow arm continues extension towards target. Continue focusing on the target. Keep your follow-through until the arrow hits the target.

Information courtesy of the National Archery Association

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