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              Geology Time!

     It's 4th Quarter and we are well unde way with our Geology Unit. Students so have read about and discussed how scientists once thought the continents were connected and drifted to the spots they are today. They called this theory the Continental Drift Theory.  We have also discussed the Plate Tectonic Theory; which talks about how if the continents were once all connected, how they drifted to the places they are today. With discussion of these theories we have also talked about the different layers of the earth and their importance to the idea that the earth was once one large landmass that has seperated.

     After vacation we will start in by discussing and doing some hands-on activities about Earthquakes, Volcanos, and Mountain formation, and learning about the different types of rocks that make up our earth's crust.

 Our final project is yet to be determined. In the past I have had students create a model that displays a cross section of the changing earth and also write a paper to explain how this landform was created and has changed the earth over time. This year I am thinking about doing another powerpoint or a computer generated project where students show me this information using technology instead. I will write home a letter explaining the project well in advance so students have time to work on it at home as well.