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APRIL 3, 2009


Student led conferences will be held the on Wednesday,  April 8th from 3-7 pm and Thursday, April 9th from 3-6 pm.  On Wednesday evening the Book Fair will be open in the Library and the Science Fair will be in the gym.  Conferences are open forum, which means you do not have to sign up for a specific time, just come when you can.  This is a time for you to review your child's portfolio. We look forward to seeing you at conferences.

     Report Cards will be sent home on Friday, April 10th, 2009. 


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Progress Reports and Report Card Dates

First Quarter (August 27 - October 31)

     Progress Report - October 3rd

     Report Card - November 7th

Second Quarter (November 3 - January 23)

     Progress Report - December 12th  

     Report Card - January 30th

Third Quarter (January 26 - April 3rd)

     Progress Report - March 6th

     Report Card - April 10th

Fourth Quarter (April 6 - June 10)

     Progress Report - May 15th

     Report Cards will be sent home by mail.