Site Rules

Site Rules


· Site speed limit 5mph at all times

· Vehicle movements to be kept to a minimum

· All Official vehicles will be clearly marked

· No Visitor or unofficial vehicles to enter the trials area

· All emergency access and exit points must be kept clear at all times

· Refuelling to take place in designated areas only

· No smoking at the refuelling areas

· Hazardous areas and areas of NO ENTRY will be clearly marked

· Spectators are asked to comply with all signs and instructions by Marshalls and officials

· Children and pets must be under control at all times

· Noise to be kept to a minimum after 21.00 hrs


· B.B.Q’s may be used provided they are off the ground. No B.B.Q to be left unattended and must be fully extinguished after use.

· Please Use Common Sense At All Times

Repair and Servicing

· Any work carried out on ANY vehicle must be done so that no metal, plastic or any fluids such as oil, coolant or fuel are deposited on unprotected ground at the site

· All work must be carried out with the vehicle standing on a non- porous sheet of suitable size and strength

· In the event that spillage would be unavoidable then all work will be carried out in an area designated by the organisers