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Welcome to the new and improved club shop page. 

Many new items are available along with the traditional t-shirts and jumpers. Below can be found the items that are readily available with their prices and colours. However if there is any particular item that you would like to purchase, please get in contact!

Contact - Ollie Steele Tel: 07739636939, Email:

    Male and Female Embroidered Polo Shirts

·         Size – Small to XX Large

·         £14.50 (green)

·         £17.00 (coloured,  most colours available to order)

·         Childs - £11 (coloured,  most colours available to order)


Rugby Shirts

                ·          Long or Short Sleeved (many colours available)

                ·         Size – Small to XX Large

                ·         From £25


Soft-shell Embroidered Jackets



                  ·         Size S to XX Large

                 ·         Male + Female Styles

                 ·        From £30


Embroidered Hoodies

                ·         From £22 (most colours available to order)

                ·        Size – Small to XX Large



Embroidered Sweatshirts

                ·         Size S to XX Large

                ·         From £18

Embroidered Sun Cap                      

                ·         Many colours available

                ·         Different Designs of cap available.

                ·         Either Logo

                ·         £10

Beanie Hat

·         Black, embroidered with S.W.L.R.C

·         One Size

·         £10



    3 in 1 Jacket

                ·         Black coat, with black jumper

                ·         Both parts embroidered

                ·         £54 


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